Learnings and FAQs

Key learnings / top tips

  • People want to talk about mental health

    By creating a safe space where people can talk about and share their experiences of mental health issues, we’ve encouraged our employees to open up and talk freely. We’ve found that once this space exists, people are keen to share their experiences.

  • Anonymity is often best

    Creating an environment where people can share their experiences anonymously allows people who wouldn’t normally open up in public to discuss the issues that they’ve faced.

  • Acknowledgement removes stigma and pressure

    Acknowledging the importance of mental health, makes it feel less of a taboo subject and helps employees to think of it as a part of everyday experience.

  • Not all team bonding events have to involve booze

    It’s true…

  • Financial health impacts on employees' health

    People’s financial health has a knock on impact on their wellbeing. Some employees need more help than others when it comes to understanding how to look after their finances. This is especially true in the creative sector where often more junior employees need advice on what to do and what not to do to ensure that their finances are in order.

  • Dogs help

    We all know that pets can reduce stress in people’s lives. This is also true in the workplace. As a result, we have an open door policy for people to bring their dogs to work.


In practise, do people take Wellness Days or do they still pretend that they’re suffering from physical ailments?

It’s difficult to know exactly how much this still happens. What we do know is that people do take advantage of Wellness Days and they’ve told us that it’s a relief not to have to lie when they feel like they need to take one. This encourages a more open dialogue and gives us the opportunity to actively help and support our employees.

What types of alternative team bonding sessions have worked for you?

Everyone is different, so it’s worth asking your teams if there are specific activities that they may enjoy. We’ve found that yoga sessions are very popular for example. Charity themed events are also very successful not just from the team bonding point of view, but from the perspective of making people feel that together they are making a difference to the world.

How do you look after employees' financial health?

We hold regular compulsory sessions where we talk employees through our various benefits packages to ensure that they fully understand how to get the best out of them. Our HR team is also available to discuss any issues that employees may have and can offer advice on how to best manage finances.