Framework Overview

What does Total Wellness look like on a day-to-day basis?

Within our three overarching themes (Awareness, Recognition and Prevention), we have devised a range of initiatives to support our employees in their day-to-day lives.

  1. Awareness - A Better Tomorrow: Several times throughout the year we create and curate a safe forum for employees to anonymously share their experience of mental health issues. Members of the team anonymously post their experiences on a wall in the office inviting colleagues to read and learn from them. The act of sharing and talking about these issues helps to de-stigmatise the issue and make employees feel less alone. Watch our 'A Better Tomorrow' video below.

  2. Recognition - Social & Cultural Wellness: We bake wellness into our socialising strategy. Alongside traditional social events, Beyond has hosted a range of events with wellness at the core. These have included: panel talks about breaking the taboos of mental health; breathing classes; mindfulness events; yoga classes; volunteering events for charities; empowerment discussions; and lectures on neurodiversity.

  3. Prevention - Wellness Days: Beyond’s policy of 15 days paid sick leave is available for mental as well as physical requirements, meaning that mental health is dealt with in the same way as physical health - and that employees don’t feel stigmatised for disclosing mental health issues.