Workplace Wellbeing

Total Wellness

The creative industry can be a competitive and pressurised environment, which often involves long hours, weekend work and intense highs and lows.

Research shows this environment is not always conducive to people’s health and well being. According to BIMA: 66% of people in the tech sector are stressed by their work; 52% have suffered from anxiety or depression at some point; people in the sector are five times more depressed than the UK average.

Beyond's Solution

By focusing on all aspects of the health of our teams, we have taken strides to protect our employees and ensure that they have everything they need to support them as they create great work.

We spent 18 months building a Total Wellness programme which follows a “holistic health” approach. This means that at Beyond there is no delineation between mental health and physical, and that all are of equal value. The same principles apply for employees’ financial, legal and relationship health.

Within this are three overarching themes: Awareness, Recognition and Prevention.

This approach helps us to provide a caring, supportive and healthy environment for our teams.