Learnings and FAQs

Key learnings / top tips

  • This is a commitment Being involved in a project like Flipside is not a CSR box-ticking initiative. It takes time and resources in order to guide the Flipsiders properly and ensure that they are learning something of real value from us. As a result there has to be a rigorous structure in place to ensure that the project is fitted around the agency’s paid work. We see this as a responsibility and therefore the project has to be feasible from a business perspective. As a growing agency, we’ve found some challenges here - as we get bigger, organising resources around the project becomes more challenging.

  • It’s good for our teams As an agency we want to give back to society. Doing so helps to inspire our teams and makes them feel like they are doing something worthwhile for society as a whole. As a result our teams are highly motivated to get involved. It also helps to develop our employees - especially those at a mid-level. The programme allows them to develop their mentoring skills, helping them to understand their discipline better and focus their minds on what it is to be a good practitioner in their craft.

  • It helps us to learn

    Throughout the process we learn from the Flipsiders themselves and from the other contributing agencies. It helps us to connect with other ways of working and inspires us to learn from our differences.

  • Access to talent The project gives us access to new, emerging talent that we wouldn’t normally be exposed to. As an example, last year we hired two Flipsiders into full time roles at Beyond.

  • Involving the wider industry

    We know that there are lots of initiatives dedicated to trying to solve this problem. We’re passionate about the potential of Flipside and we want to involve the wider industry and invite other agencies to participate. Until now, this has proved difficult....


How does my agency get involved in Flipside?

Flipside is open for other digital design agencies to get involved. Contact Sumi Ejiri [email protected] at A New Direction to find out more. For more information on Flipside, visit https://flipside-london.com/

What does success look like?

Success for Flipside is when we help to develop a group of young people and give them the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to take the next step in their career. Last year we were so impressed by the Flipsiders that we hired two of them into full time roles at Beyond.

How many of your team do you commit to this type of project?

There is no set number. However we do have a dedicated internal project manager who facilitates the project and its inputs and outputs over the 12 week period. Alongside this, key members of the team input when needed for specific modules which are relevant to their skillset. Ensuring that team members commit to the duration of their module is key to the success of this initiative.