Lifestyle Diversity

Beyond Flexibility

The modern workforce in the creative sector has diverse skills. Individuals also often have their own preferred working environments and methods. The one size fits all approach is no longer good enough - especially in this sector. Accommodating these different needs can be challenging but ultimately improves workplace wellbeing - and leads to better creative output.

Alongside this, there are many different lifestyle needs that have to be accommodated. The modern workplace needs to recognise that people have varying needs and commitments to balance in order to have an enjoyable and fulfilling life - from looking after children or pets to focusing on their personal fitness or maintaining a long term hobby.

To focus on one group in particular, according to the Government Equalities office, there are 1.9+ million women in the UK who aren’t working for caring reasons - a large number of those have professional / managerial experience. Creating an environment which allows those mothers to balance their work and life commitments would mean that we could encourage them to return to work and unlock those otherwise lost skills and experiences.

Beyond's Solution

At Beyond, we use agile working practices. This means we do not prescriptively say people are “remote” or “office” workers, but that everyone is able to make their schedule work within a flexible framework that has some guiding principles.

The way we make this work is that we operate in a culture of trust. We regularly say to people, “make work work for you”, and we loudly celebrate people leaving to see their children in plays, keep up a training schedule for their next marathon or even make sure they see their nan for her weekly coffee.